18–25mm Digital Curler - Neon Pink


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The Digital Clip Free Curling Wand creates a world of styling options, from glamorous and sleek red carpet curls to voluminous beachy waves. The new clip free system is the next level in styling technology. 
Skip the creases, lines and breakage caused by traditional curling irons. 
The clip free system is intuitive and easy to use, providing professional, salon level results in a fraction of the time.
The Tourmaline barrel is an ideal heat conductor maintaining consistent temperature, ensuring curls will last for days without the use of hair spray or styling product.
Tourmaline is also a natural source of far infrared heat and negative ions. Far infrared heat locks in moisture with each smooth pass, styling hair to a perfectly frizz-free sheen. 
+ 25 mm high grade tourmaline barrel generates gentle far infrared heat
+ Clip free system for extra easy and fast styling without creases
+ Negative ions seal moisture and repel humidity and frizziness
+ 140 to 410˚F (60-210˚C) digital 
+ Adjustable temperature
+ Easy grip surface made of heat–resistant material 
+ 8 foot 360˚ swivel cord

+ 1 year Limited Warranty*

*Limited Warranty only valid when sold by a PYT Authorized Retailer.

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