25mm Curler<p>Black
25mm Curler<p>Black
25mm Curler<p>Black
25mm Curler<p>Black

25mm Curler


Girl power, meet curl power.  From high glam, red carpet ready sprals to sexy beachy waves, there’s nothing this Bold Black wonder wand can’t do. Its clip-free design puts you in control, so you can style like a pro, fast.  Plus it never grabs or clamps hair, so no more creases, bends or annoying lines.  And you can’t beat its heat. The tourmaline barrel conducts far-infrared heat consistently as its core produces negative ions, giving you frizz-free curls for days, no product required.  Plus, it comes with a heatproof glove to make curling even cooler.

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How to Use

Use only on dry hair. Turn on curler and adjust the temperature. Place glove on the hand that will wrap around the curling iron. Wrap hair around the barrel, then hold and release. Voila! Curl perfection.


What's Inside?

+ 25 mm high grade tourmaline barrel generates gentle far-infrared heat. + Clip free system styles fast and easy without creasing + Negative ions seal moisture and repel humidity and frizziness + Curls last without the use of hairspray or styling product + 140 to 410˚F (60-210˚C) digital adjustable temperature + Easy grip surface made of heat–resistant material + 360˚ swivel cord