We're so happy that people love PYT products and that is why we are dedicated to fighting counterfeits.

We regularly run into issues caused by counterfeit products being sold online through unauthorized 3rd party retailers. PYT is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the very best products for our customers. We can only assure a product meets our high standards if it is sold through an authorized retailer.

All authentic PYT products carry our 1-year warranty. This assures you are covered if anything were to happen to your styling tool. However, if it is fake, there is nothing we can do.

To make sure that you aren't spending your hard-earned money on a cheap knockoff product, purchase PYT tools directly from or one of our authorized partners.

If you find a deal that’s too good to be true, it’s more than likely that you will end up with a shoddy, cheap imitation. Unauthorized 3rd party retailers can be found all across the internet. We urge our customers to avoid the “too good to be true” deals of eBay and the Amazon Marketplace, as they usually are too good to be true.

Every PYT Authorized Retailer has a certificate displayed at their location. Each retailer is also assigned with an individual PYT Authorized Dealer Number stamp to mark each customers' proof of purchase. Please check for the Authorized Retailer Certificate and Number before purchasing PYT tools.

Check to see if they are an authorized retailer!

Authorized Retailer Checker

Please enter your retailer number or website URL in the proper format (case sensitive) below and click "Submit".
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* Buying from an unauthorized retailer voids warranty.