Fan Brush 2.0

Meet the new efficient way to style and dry your hair: this new technology allows you toCreate the fan/plug you want in minutes!No more frizzy hair, like the negative ions created by his tourmalineand reach high volume style! No more complicated hair or a bad hair day, as this dryer brushwas specially made with two types of bristles for breakage. Using this unique tool will get you a shiny, sleek and high-volume look!
SKU: PY25.14985
Product Type: Dryer
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Step 1: Please dry your hair well after combing, it will work faster and better. Now select the desired temperature according to your hair type. Step 2: To smooth, place the hot hairbrush close to the root and brush towards the end. If you want curls and volume: place the hair on the rounded end, hold for 2 to 3 seconds, then rotate the brush.
Barrel coated with tourmaline that generates negative ions and far and infrared heat. The best solution to get smoother hair and minimize frizz. Extra root lift and increase oval volume. Short bristles increase bounce, shine and polish. 8.8ft/2.7m swivel cord won’t tangle 50 Hz 1000 Watts delivers all the power you need with maximum ef ficiency. DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: Dual Voltage 50HZ Motor DC W 1000W Cord / Swivel cord

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